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It’s inevitable, you are going to get a flat out there. Unless you are racing, you probably ride with at least a tube, a CO2, and tire levers. For some, a bag like theGreen Guru Gear Shifter Bag is perfect, because you can carry everything but the kitchen sink in it. Others like a smaller, more compact and streamlined approach, and don’t feel the need to carry more than a tube, some levers, and a CO2. The guys at SpeedSleev created the SeatSleev to fit just that market.

The Original SpeedSleev came about as a way to carry fuel when racing. The elastic and velcro sleeve can hold anything from gel packs on your top tube, a headlight battery on the stem, or even a multi tool on your Lefty tube. The options are limitless on what it can carry and where you can put it. The idea for the SeatSleev was an obvious next step. They took the idea and adjusted it to hold more items, and strap to your seat rails.

If you need anything more, you need a shop
If you need anything more, you need a shop

It is a very minimalist approach to the saddle bag. When laid out, there is a spot for your tube, and several other smaller spaces for things like Co2’s, tire levers, a key, and some money. Tools like Fix-It Sticks would also fit great into one of the smaller slots. I recommend rewrapping your tube around the CO2 inflator, before putting it in the main pouch. Once everything is in, the whole thing roles together and stays tight with velcro. There are another set of straps that you wrap behind the saddle rails, and then around the SeatSleev to secure it all in place. The tough elastic material used throughout compresses to keep everything in place, even when you take items out. While intended for road use, I tested it out this past winter on a cross bike, and had absolutely no problems.

More items are coming soon too. For the dirt crowd, a larger SeatSleev is on the way, and is designed to hold larger tubes for mountain and cross bikes. I could even be a great solution for roadies who prefer to carry multiple tubes. Super durable sailcloth will be available in the near future too, along with a light weight ripstop rain cover to keep things clean and dry for use with your original SeatSleev.

Currently, they are available in any color you can imagine, as long as it is black. The upcoming sail cloth option will give it a new look though. So instead of carrying that big bulky saddle bag that makes you’re sleek time trial bike look like a drag, or your svelte road bike look heavy, check out the SeatSleeve from SpeedSleev. Don’t let your ride get derailed by a flat.


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