BING – Builders Tea on Vimeo

Bing Surfboards team rider James Parry soaks in his last few surfs before heading back to UK where he'll recharge with his daily cup of Builders Tea before heading out on another world surf adventure. Fellow Bing Surfboards team rider Mick Rodgers

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada on Vimeo

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Vancouver Island, BC, Canada on Vimeo on Vimeo from Mike O'Hara At the end of September in 2014, I traveled to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada to surf and explore. via Vancouver Island, BC, Canada on Vimeo.

The Road From Karakol

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The Road From Karakol In summer 2011, Outdoor Research athlete Kyle Dempster took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan with a couple mostly-accurate maps, a trailer full of climbing gear, and a vocabulary of 10 Kyrgyz words. He spent two months

JayBird BlueBuds X Les meilleurs écouteurs du marché

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    Si vous voulez les meilleurs Ă©couteurs bluetooth du marchĂ© pour courir, pour pĂ©daler, pour la salle de sport, pas besoin d'aller plus loin. Nous avons testĂ© ces Ă©couteurs depuis 6 mois et c'est vraiment ce qu'il y a

depressions – a few moments from 30 miles in the canyon. on Vimeo

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Depressions in landscape & emotion. An unstaged, mid-run, terrestrial-based short with Rob Krar. Krar, new to ultra running, holds the speed record for the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim and has quickly become a dominant force in American

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) on Vimeo

, , , , memory of one of the greatest humans ever created, truly, JP Auclair. An unbelievable skier, one of the absolute all-time best - but skiing was just a sliver of his talents, and the gifts he gave our world. His brilliantly creative mind

HookĂ© 2014 – Le Mouching

  What did you do, this year? Our Quebecois friends from HookĂ© have been fishing, a lot! 2014 got us to places we never thought we’d see in our lives. From the southern tip of the Americas, in Patagonia, to the northern tip of QuĂ©bec


SURFING @ 1000 FRAMES PER SECOND on Vimeo on Vimeo via SURFING @ 1000 FRAMES PER SECOND on Vimeo.

Catching waves with Rip Curl’s SearchGPS surf watch | Engadget

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Catching waves with Rip Curl's SearchGPS surf watch Andy Bowen @An_dbowen August 2nd 2014 at 1:00 pm August 2nd 2014 1:00 pm "Track every wave and know every tide." That's the concept behind Rip Curl'sSearchGPS, a location-tracking

Iceland on Vimeo

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Iceland on Vimeo on Vimeo Iceland from Ugmonk on Vimeo. via Iceland on Vimeo.

L’Eroica: A Race Against Time –

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By JEFFREY FURTICELLA   L’Eroica: Old Wheels on Tuscany’s Gravel Roads Of all the things a cyclist could list as essentials for riding, the road is not likely to be the first to jump to mind; it is a given. But in the vineyards


Three friends reunite for a Wyoming adventure thanks to the Huckberry Explorer's Grant Oct 9, 2014 | By William Civitillo William Civitillo was selected as a winner of one of the original Huckberry Explorer's Grants by Nat Geo

The Perfect Kit—Fly Fishing for Trout – Gear Institute

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THE PERFECT KIT FOR FLY FISHING FOR TROUT By: Dan Nelson - October 22, 2014 While every angler has their own ideas about what they need (want) in terms of gear for their own form of fishing, there are a few universal truths we all can agree

Café du Cycliste Josette Waterproof Jersey | The GearCaster

by Amy Jurries on October 24, 2014 When riding in the rain, you normally think of throwing on a waterproof jacket but how about wearing a waterproof jersey instead? The new Fall/Winter collection from French company Café du Cyclist includes

Fly Fishing in Belize – Le Mouching

Fly Fishing Belize, une bible pour tous les pĂȘcheurs de Permit ou ceux qui rĂȘvent d’en attraper ? Jim Klug dont on connais tous les photos sans savoir qu’elles sont de lui, Ă  rĂ©uni les meilleurs d’entre elles dans un livres prĂ©facé 

All.I.Can street segments behind the scenes

This street segment is still the best video I've seen in the past three years. I watch it over and over. I love the music too. JP Auclair was an amazing guy. The Creative Seggy: Behind the Scenes of the "JP Auclair Street Segment" from Sherpas

CURVES ‘N’ TURNS – Trailer on Vimeo

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CURVES 'N' TURNS - Trailer from CURVES 'N' TURNS on Vimeo. "We®ve got to stop once in a while and let our spirit catch up." Everything®s getting faster and faster nowadays. This project was an experiment to slow down living, or rather

Best Driving Sunglasses – Gear Patrol

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Sunglasses are sunglasses, right? If you’re serious about safe driving, the answer is a resounding no. You can’t just slap on a pair of clearance carousel drugstore shades and expect a great behind-the-wheel experience; nor does spending