Instagrams we love (part 2).

Nicole Hunziker Photography

Instagram permet de voyager sans bouger.

Vous vous rappelez de nos Instagrammeurs préférés (Instagrams we Love)?

En voici de nouveaux.

Matt Bauer

Weekend ready.

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Nose Hanger by @jivesurf #jivesurf #jivesurfboards #singlefin #longboard #surfboard

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Forest Woodward

Stillwater XV // A Window in Time // We make camp early. Grabbing my running shoes and a headlamp I head out of camp at a trot, soon slowing to lateral shuffles as I pick my way around dead and dying tamarisks and across the dry pocketed moonscape that was, for a geological nanosecond, a lake bed. Moving upwards, clusters of abandoned fire rings serve as testament to spring breaks come and gone, and to the unapologetic. downward march of the shoreline. A mile or so from camp I pass a few names and the year ‘1986’ scratched into soft red stone. High water relics from Powell’s glory days and the year I was born. Pushing upwards, the last of the fire rings disappear and the pristine folds and layered lines of the landscape trace an inviting path to a window in time long before (or after) we were here.

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Nicole Hunziker

People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness #making🇨🇭postcards

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Have a good trip.