Mammut Project 360. Escaladez depuis votre fauteuil.



Experience the most famous routes of the world in a 360° view.

Climb the legendary El Cap, Eiger North Face, Matterhorn Hörnligrat, Mount Elbrus or ice fall RĂŒbezahl from your home. More tours will be released regularly.
The adventure starts here:
Lead: Mammut Sports Group AG
Technical Lead: Matthias Taugwalder
Web agency: Heye GRID
Climbers: Dani Arnold, Stephan Siegrist, David Fasel, Denis Burdet, Julian Beermann, Fritz SchÀfer, Caro North, Whit Magro, Tony Brown
Camera: Thomas Senf (Eiger), Christoph Frutiger (Matterhorn), Jason Thompson (El Capitan)
Post Production: DropIn